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Brandished gun at bank

A homeless man was seen outside the ANZ bank waving a gun, which was later found to be a toy one, Gisborne District Court has heard.

An off-duty police officer noticed William Pire Monika, 48, and approached him. But the pair got into an altercation with Monika assaulting the officer.

In court, Monika pleaded guilty to possession of the imitation gun, two counts of assault (one involving the officer), dishonest use of a document (a bank card with which Monika obtained about $30 worth of goods).

Judge Haamiora Raumati sentenced Monika to 40 hours community and ordered the destruction of the toy gun.

Monika told the judge there was no one at the bank at the time of the incident, that the officer “made it all up” and also initially falsely accused him of having two guns, one of them a revolver.

Monika said his life had improved since the incident. He now had somewhere to live, was looking for work, and ultimately wanted to be able to leave Gisborne.