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Perseverance pays off, booklets to be reprinted

A decision to reprint the Gisborne candidate directory and voting packs is “a good outcome for all”, says Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske.

Council candidate Joelene Andrew learned earlier this week that “human error” meant her photograph had been omitted from the booklet. She was told it was too late to reprint the booklets.

Mrs Andrew said the error meant her campaign for a seat on the Gisborne District Council had been disadvantaged.

However, Mr Ofsoske said, “When we persevered with NZ Post we were able to work through some of the practicalities that a reprint in such a short time frame would require.”

Mrs Andrew said she was “quite shocked” to get the phone call telling her the reprint would happen.

“It was completely unexpected, I hoped it would happen but I didn’t think it would be possible.

“It’s amazing how one little voice and other people supporting me went from there being no chance to get these reprinted to it now happening.

“Everyone stepped up including Election Services, NZ Post and their suppliers.

“I’d like to think the reason for them reprinting is because they had the opportunity and time to look at all resources and options but possibly because with awareness people really had to stop and hold themselves accountable and look at all the ramifications of the decision.

“I hope this brings awareness to the processes behind democracy,” Mrs Andrew said.

The cost of the reprint is likely to be in the order of $55,000 which is covered by a national insurance taken out by all territorial authorities for this purpose.