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Roaming stock in Te Araroa sparks call for control officer

Te Araroa needs a stock control officer located there, Waiapu Ward member Bill Burdett told the District Council’s environmental planning and regulations committee.

But animal control team leader Ross Hannam said it was important to get the right people in the area. To send someone from Auckland woud be disastrous.

Environmental services and protection director Nick Zaman said new animal control staff had been appointed.

Mr Burdett said he was in Te Araroa last week and a request was made for an officer.

They were continuing to have stock control problems.

There had been assurances this matter would be attended to and there woud be a cattle stop put at the entrance way to the Karakatuwhero River.

The issue was stock on the road and people wanted something done about it.

Coming back from the Bay of Plenty, he himself had stopped and pushed stock off the road.

Te Araroa needed its own livestock control officer because of the ongoing problems there. An officer had to come from Tokomaru Bay or Ruatoria and that was an hour away.

Perhaps he should take this to the full council, he said.

Mr Zaman said because of the locality and geography it was difficult to put staff in the area. Accommodation would be needed.

A meeting with the NZ Transport Authoritiy was scheduled for March.

Mr Hannam said no one from Te Araroa had applied for a stock control job. Whether they would be appropriate for the job would have to be looked at.

People needed to report stock on he road so they could get there and do something about it, he said.

Committee chairwoman Pat Seymour said residents at the top of the Coast should phone the council 0800 number.

The more phone calls the council got, the more likely they were to get funding from NZTA. The council did not want an accident to happen..

Mr Burdett said the four people appointed were good people and Mr Hannam had done a good job, but people up the Coast were angry with the council because it did not listen.

“I genuinely feel for the people up there.”