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Will this reveal be a game-changer?

Scene: The back yard of a house in a Gisborne suburb. Three 10-year-old boys playing handball.

“Hey roosters, anyone wanna an ice-block?”

“Yeah boy, that’d be mean.”

“Churr. I’m in breatha.”

“Ohh bro, I think there’s only one left.”

“Sweet-as, boy; it is what it is.”

When Stu Watts started The Block NZ, who would have thought he would gain almost cult-like status — at least among a small group of Whitaker Street “breathas”.

Not us. Probably not Gizzy Hard other half Amy Moore. And certainly not the man himself.

But the proof was there, running around the yard, munching on ice blocks, giving each other stick and talking their new language — “Stu-glish”.

One can’t imagine it will last long. The Block NZ renovation reality TV series is nearing its end — week 11 of 12, followed by the climactic auctioning of the four Hobsonville Point townhouses.

But unless there’s a Shortland Street offer, TV advertisements, or perhaps a regular slot for Amy on some sort of lifestyle programme, Team Yellow’s time in the goldfish bowl will cease; the posters and mobiles and cardboard cut-outs will come down at McDonald’s outlets throughout New Zealand; and phone calls from women’s magazines will dry up.

But not just yet.

Last night’s episode was the run-in to the week 11 Room Reveal of the four teams’ laundry area, plus a do-over of an area they felt needed to be improved.

Yellow’s Amy and Stu have attacked the “desert chic” guest bedroom originally done by Team Orange’s Agni and Claire, but passed over to Yellow after they won the week one Reveal and were given the chance to swap houses with Orange, which they took.

The corner house is perceived to be a more attractive option to a buyer at the end-of-series auction but also raised an issue played out last night.

To level off their sloping back yard, they needed to build up a retaining wall. That required a resource consent, the permission of the Hobsonville Design Review Panel and, much to Amy’s dismay, about $2500.

Site supervisor Pete “The Wolf” Wolfkamp told Amy if they didn’t want to pay, then don’t do it. However, a flat yard would definitely add more appeal, so he would do it.

“Can we afford it?” asked Stu.


“Then let’s do it.”

Simple as that.

To go ahead, though, they had to get the go-ahead to build ahead. That meant a Block collective meeting at which all teams must agree to it.

Last night’s show rewound to a past episode when Yellow turned down Orange’s request for gib board to be delivered earlier each week, so the plastering could be done earlier.

Last night’s show did not refer to Team Blue’s request to build ahead, to which the collective gave the green light.

There was no vengeful retaliation from Orange and Yellow’s motion was unanimously passed.

The temperature between these two teams has warmed considerably in recent shows and it was suggested that perhaps their long-running feud was at an end — to the point of Amy and Agni playing a joke on Stu, which evoked a reaction featuring more swear words than a Tupac Shakur album.

Team Orange won the game-changer — a variation of the Hungry Hippo kids’ board game, in this case featuring washing baskets and large balls.

It was their fourth consecutive game-changer win and they go into this Sunday’s Room Reveal with an arsenal of two minus-1s and a plus-1 to use for themselves or against others.

Surely Orange will walk away with a portion of the $7000 up for grabs. Surely.