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A fantastic job – with a smile

It is all positive feedback about the city’s recreational services team, who do their jobs “with a smile” and are fantastic at it.

A report was tabled at the community development and services committee this week.

It was a review of the first 12 months of the new Mahi mo Te Tairawhiti Contract between Gisborne District Council (GDC) and Recreational Services Limited.

Gisborne district councillor Josh Wharehinga said he had really noticed a difference.

Bins were emptied regularly and there was a general uplift of cleanliness around the city.

“For example, somebody bent a road sign and when I went past it an hour later it had already been corrected. It was fantastic.”

Councillor Larry Foster said there had been a huge improvement.

“It’s really pleasing to see the dedication of staff, who love what they are doing and have smiles on their faces.”

It had been a massive transition and was positive for the region, he said.

Councillor Bill Burdett said it was working well across the board.

“In particular, they are doing an excellent job at the Peel Street toilets.

“All in all, well done to them and I am eating a bit of humble pie.”

Mr Burdett was initially against the five-year contract to an Auckland-based parks, grounds and facility management company to look after community reserves and amenities.

The work involves mowing sports grounds and reserves, litter management, public toilet and pavement cleaning, vegetation and building maintenance.

Councillor Shannon Dowsing said all Gisborne needed now was for the community to hop on board, and stop littering and dumping rubbish on the beach.

He asked what the plan was around reporting.

GDC contracts and asset manager Garrett Blair said they received a monthly report from the Recreations Services team.

It identified whether they were hitting their key performance indicators (KPIs) and had tangible data that showed the value of the contract.

Councillor and community development and services committee chairman Andy Cranston said it had been a spectacular contract.