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Rules welcome at Amy and Stu’s party

THE Block NZ’s notorious DQ Club has tripled its membership.

“Welcome to the club,” crowed Team Yellow’s Stu Watts — no less than three times — as Boys in Blue Ben and Tom and Orange’s Claire and Agni suffered an ignominious ejection from the latest “challenge” on last night’s episode of the home renovation reality TV series.

Gizzy Hard crew member Stu had good reason to be cock-a-doodling.

The double disqualification ribbon-wrapped a gift and presented it to Yellow on a stirling silver, diamond-studded platter.

Having finished the challenge third, Yellow were fast-tracked to first, saying “chur breathas” to Blue and Orange as they moon-walked past.

The Great Block Rally Challenge, as it was dubbed by Block co-host Shelley Ferguson, required teams to drive to four mystery locations and perform tasks that ranged from negotiating a maze to paintball.

The first team to legitimately complete all four and legitimately make their way back to the Block townhouse site at Hobsonville Point won a fully-integrated wireless home automation system with voice control.

Note the use of the word legitimately.

They are sticklers for the rules on The Block, as Stu and partner-in-crime Amy Moore discovered when they broke the Tools Down tradies curfew in an earlier episode, were chucked out of Room Reveal, fined $5000 and villified by social media numpties.

Blue returned first, followed by Orange, with Yellow third and Purple girls Chlo and Em so far behind it was feared they had driven to Whangarei.

Shelley gave an admirable impersonation of The Chase’s Matron as she lectured Agni on his failure to drive to the speed limit, then not only DQed Orange, but also banned Agni from driving for a week.

Amy couldn’t help herself.

'Claire is going to have to do all the work AND all of the driving'“Claire is going to have to do all the work AND all of the driving,” she said, a not-so-subtle reference to Agni’s reputation for avoiding the hard yards.

“He’d better go and buy himself a scooter,” Stu advised.

Blue were chirpier than a Penrith Panthers fan last Saturday night until Ferguson informed them they, too, were out of the game after failing to properly complete the maze.

Ben’s hopes of getting to use the voice-activated control on the prize were tied to a concrete block and dropped from Auckland Harbour Bridge.

“I just imagined getting in my kitchen and talking to my house, and suddenly I’m just talking to the wall,” he lamented.

He could always console himself with the 10 grand Team Blue received for winning week 9’s Room Reveal.

Last night’s show opened with Ben and Tom in negotiations with Orange and Yellow over the $12,000 up for grabs for last week’s RR — the kitchen and dining area.

The boys scored 9.5 from one of the two judges while Stu and Amy got nineBlue scored 9.5 from one of the two judges while Yellow got nine, but received an extra point for winning the “give and take” for the best dining table centre-piece.

Orange, meanwhile, had two minus-1s to be used against another team (in this case Yellow) at a Room Reveal, and one or both were up for sale.

Amy, wearing her game face, tried to convince the boys they didn’t need a minus-1, that they were certain to win the Reveal. But just in case, she offered them $2000 if Yellow won.

Orange offered to sell one of the minus-1s to the boys for $2000.

As most expected, Blue took the Orange deal and it proved a wise decision. Blue finished one point ahead of Yellow — 18.5 to 17.5 — the minus-1 proving the difference.

Block host Mark Richardson announced a triple-whammy for week 10 of the 12-week series — the front entrance-way, two stairwells and powder room, areas he described as technical and time-consuming.

Up for grabs is $7000.

Amy, as usual, already had her plan formulated — vividly describing areas featuring Italian tiles, an artisan rendered plaster that did not need painting, wooden and carpeted stairs — all contributing to the natural feel that has been an ongoing Yellow theme . . . and which the judges have consistently loved.

The episode ended with teams judging each other’s rooms, a regular feature that has degenerated into who can scheme their way best to the $2000 cash.

A Purple-Orange secret alliance won Chlo and Em the $2000, which they split with Claire and Agni. The teams plan to do the same in Orange’s favour next week.

Expect a combined Blue and Yellow retaliation to foil that.

Potential buyers will be able to bid online when the townhouses go to auction.Through Gavl, potential buyers will be able to livestream the auctions and place bids from wherever they are. If you want to check out Amy and Stu’s house, go to bit.ly/gavl_amystu

SURVIVORS: Amy Moore and partner Stu Watts were Team Yellow, and the winners, in last year’s reality show The Block NZ. File picture