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Bullet-proof Amy’s asking to be stitched up

TEAM Yellow might need a rear-view mirror and body armour on the site of The Block NZ this week.

The knives are out.

Having clocked up yet another Room Reveal triumph on the TV3 reno reality series, their three rival teams are unanimous in agreement that Gizzy Hard couple Amy Moore and Stu Watts must go down. Big-time.

Question is what lengths are they prepared to go to to do that?

The best way, of course, is to beat them at their own game. Outdo them with a superior room.

The reply to that after their relentless dominance could go at the end of a Tui Beer sign.

Or, as reality TV inevitably offers, they could potentially take them out through foul means.

In last night’s week 7 opener, that opportunity was presented on a gilt-edged platter.

It’s the halfway point of the series — which features four pairs renovating family townhouses room by room on a corner block in Hobsonville Point, Auckland — and teams face the daunting three-pronged challenge of creating a master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

The toughest week yet lies ahead but at the end of it is the most lucrative reward so far.

The Sunday Room Reveal winners will add to their $120,000 budget another $10,000 and 2000 “undo dollars”, allowing them to alter something they have done that they don’t like or feel they could do better.

This week also features a “give and take”.

Each team has to create something out of fabric to go in their room. But there’s a twist. They get to allocate the fabric another team will use.

It’s about as predictable as the Warriors getting a bad refereeing call that Orange’s team’s Claire and Agni draw Yellow’s Stu and Amy.

“You happy about that,” show host Mark Richardson asks.

“It could go either way,” says Amy.

“As long as it doesn’t look anything like Agni’s pants,” says Stu, to the agreement of everyone in the world bar circus clowns and golfers.

Richardson points out that “the stakes could not be higher” and that “you cannot hand that money to Stu and Amy or it will be curtains”.

Afterwards, the teams discuss Ben’s proposal that they each choose their own fabric.

“Do you want to stitch us up?” asks Amy, “because you can if you want.”

“Nah,” says Agni (Tui Beer ad alert).

Teams get a rark-up from site supervisor Pete “The Wolf” Wolfkamp about the mess in their houses. Not surprisingly Agni, who it is now suspected suffers from a mild form of ergophobia (the fear of work), and Claire’s is the worst.

“What sort of madhouse are you running?” says The Wolf.

After receiving the keys to their new cars — one couple will keep theirs as winners of the People’s Choice Award — Stu gets stuck into the insulation while Amy heads off to buy tiles. The Queen of Styling is in her happy place as she yaks about using colour to bring the space alive, having a big walk-in wardrobe and making the bathroom a bit more feminine.

“I’m super-excited.”

Meanwhile, Agni and Claire are plotting.

Claire has become almost obsessed with Yellow’s downfall, a crusade intensified by Gizzy Hard’s latest Room Reveal win, which went down with Orange like Donald Trump going to a costume party dressed as a Mexican.

“It’s not in anyone’s best interest (bar Yellow of course) to give Amy and Stu the fabric they wanted . . . we’ve decided we might give them more of a challenging fabric,” says Agni.

“If they pull it off I’ll be the first to give them a high-five.”

The Blue boys all but eliminate themselves from this week’s running by deciding to reduce the size of their wardrobe from walk-in to a smaller wardrobe with sliding doors.

Amy implores them to make it a walk-in but architect graduate Ben knows better. Blue haven’t won a challenge yet, are running out of cash and would struggle to style a five-year-old’s birthday party, but Ben knows better.

Teams head off-site for a challenge that requires them to make two bars of soap from scratch, with the winners getting an air purifier and a whopping $7250.

The soaps take two days to set. They might be needed to wash off the potential stink.

Team Yellow fans are encouraged to vote for them for the People’s Choice Award. Just search The Block NZ People’s Choice to go directly to it, register and vote.

Amy Moore and Stu Watts have won five room reveals.