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Other teams gang up on Gizzy ‘oldies’

It's “pick on the old critters” on episode 3 of The Block NZ.

Gisborne couple Amy Moore and Stu Watts are left high and dry — well, wet and muddy to be more accurate — by their three rival teams when it comes to the latest reward challenge.

The Block is a reality TV DIY show where four teams go head-to-head to completely renovate town houses, the winners pocketing 100 grand and each team receiving any money that is made over the reserve when the houses go to auction.

The 2018 edition has been set in the picturesque Auckland harbourside suburb of Hobsonville Point, with former Black Cap and TV3’s AM morning show wah-wah Mark Richardson back as the host.

It has been pretty much “so far, so good” for Yellow Team’s Amy and Stu, who have established themselves as the characters of the competition, with Stu providing the show’s producers an ongoing supply of one-liners.

Last night’s edition was noses to the grindstone as teams and their respective builders got stuck into their first assignment — the guest bedroom.

Each pair was given a specific theme for their room — “moody botanical” in Amy and Stu’s case.

They head to Resene to sort out their colours and decide on a dark blue to go with their botanical theme of a few plants, “not a forest”.

Then it is on to the homeware store to sort out “the critical” component of the room, the bed.

“Our roles are well established,” say beauty therapist Amy.

“He has the trade side and I quite like the design side.”

That appears so but plumber-by-trade Stu reveals to the TV audience that he’s not just there for his good looks and practical skills.

After multiple Stu ideas are, as Richardson puts it, “shot down”, his suggestion of a natural timber headboard gets the thumbs-up.

“What? Winner! Stop it!” a bewildered Stu says.

“It’s so exciting for you,” a “super-impressed” Amy says. “You got to make a decision.”

“Far out, man,” Stu replies. “I nearly jumped out of my skin . . . and the last thing you need to see is me running around in my skeleton.”

Another tick on the “to do” list and it’s back to the reno site where builder Dave Wallace, after a dehumidifier disaster, has Stu and Amy back on track as the countdown to the room-reveal ramps up.

A good night’s sleep does not exist on The Block as couples work into the wee hours, then have to get up early for the latest reward challenge involving planks, a wheelbarrow, giant plastic sea shells and balls.

Up for grabs are an outdoor wood-burning fire and an outdoor heater worth $5100.

Blue Team’s Tom and Ben have won the other two challenges but that does not stop Orange Team’s Agni sneakily conspiring with them, as well as Purple Team’s Chlo and Em, to knock out Stu and Amy first.

For a gym owner, Agni appears to be one lazy SOB. His words, or drivel, have been a lot louder than his actions so far. But to his credit, he knows how to wheel and deal and get others to do most of the work.

Case in question. Blue Team end up winning again while Agni and his partner Claire come second and win an outdoor heater for doing bugger-all.

“Everyone picked on the old critters,” says Stu, referring to being the oldest team by some distance.

“We can’t work out how we came second,” says Em, as the collective TV audience go “duh!”

Amy and Stu need to get more ruthless in these challenges but Amy shows there’s plenty of competitive fire when it comes to their renovation.

“They better watch out come room-reveal because we are going to smash them!”