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Readers split on oil/gas exploration

Support or otherwise for the Government’s intention to stop oil and gas exploration in New Zealand territory was fairly evenly divided in this week’s Gisborne Herald web poll.

A total of 429 people responded to the poll — 51 percent (219) supported the move while 46 percent (199) were opposed.

Three percent of poll responders were undecided.

“Yes - we now can use electric vehicles and environmentally sustainable alternatives,” said one supporter.

“With new materials like graphene hydrogene green energy, we can make a new revolution technology and protect the Earth,” said another.

“This will be the real test of whether the government really intends to take global warming seriously.”

“Yes - We need to look after Papatuanuku, our environment and think of our mokopuna, our future generations.”

“Stop exploiting the land, the sea and our natural resources. Stop being consumed by the almighty dollar.”

“We need to say no to large foreign corporations — don’t come in our backyard.”

“We cannot use all known fossil fuel reserves and keep below 2 degrees warming, so totally wrong to explore for new sources of oil.”

“About time we woke up to the future of energy — it doesn’t include oil.”

“Yes — it’s an absolute no brainer, #climatechange.”

“Climate change is real.”

“It is distressing our marine life and pushing climate change.”

“No. Some local production is a strategic necessity. It’s very short-sighted to take this stance and sounds very much like nimbyism.”

“Just another of their hair-brained ideas, anything to appease their partners.”

“Stupidity from child politicians.”

“It is prudent to know what reserves you have, though it is not neccessary to exploit those assets without first exhausting all other sources of green energy.”

No. We are doing the old proverbial in the wind in relation to climate change, unless China, India and USA come to the party. That is the way it is.”