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Hoping for a return of lost wedding ring

FORMER Gisborne man Martyn Bowis thinks he might get a tattoo on his ring finger after losing his wedding band while on holiday here last week.

Dr Bowis and his wife Nadine were in Gisborne on holiday from their Auckland home, when he lost his wedding ring while out cycling with his father.

Dr Bowis, 49, grew up here and his parents still live here.

He would love to be reunited with his ring if anyone finds it, and would even offer a reward.

It is an 18-carat gold half-round band about 6mm wide. It came off on Sunday, January 7, by the Young Nick statue opposite Waikanae Beach Holiday Park.

“I stopped to take a couple of photos by the beach and to do so took my cycle gloves off. That was the only point it could have come off.

“I wear that ring all the time. I never take it off.”

He realised it was missing a couple of hours later while at church.

“These things happen, unfortunately.”

Dr Bowis said he and his wife had heard countless stories about rings getting lost since he lost his.

He was lent a metal detector after a Facebook post about his lost ring was shared almost 250 times.

The couple are hopeful it will still turn up and have lodged contact details with the police, Waikanae Surf Lifesaving Club and the holiday park.

They are also hatching plans to come back and live here.

MISSING A BAND OF GOLD: Nadine and Martyn Bowis at their wedding in October 2016. Dr Bowis lost his wedding ring while on holiday in his home town of Gisborne and hopes it will come back to him. He lost the ring when he took off his cycling gloves by the Young Nick statue at The Cut. Picture supplied