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Water testng shows poor quality in rivers, the Cut

THE council's senior project manager Wolfgang Kanz has told the Wastewater Management Committee that water quality in the Cut and the tidal rivers is poor to very poor. He was giving the committee an update on the results of water quality monitoring.

At the moment the council was complying well with its present resource consent, but an upgrade would be needed to meet the consent requirements that would come into force in 2019 and 2020.

If the second stage of wastewater treatment upgrade was not implemented, the council would not be compliant with Environment Court water quality standards.

The monitoring was for the grade of the water's suitability for recreation.

Water quality in the outfall mixing zone at 250 and 500 metres from shore was poor to fair. After 2019/20 if the consent requirements were met they would be good to very good.

For city beaches water quality was poor to very poor in the Cut area, good by Kaiti Yacht Club, very good at Midway and fair to good at Waikanae.

There was a clear trend from the Turanganui River mouth to the Waipaoa River with Midway being the best of the beaches.

With the Cut the water quality did not change with storms which showed there was some source of material getting in there.

Water quality for entercocci and E.coli in the nine tidal rivers monitored was poor to very poor except for the Grant Road area where it was poor to fair.

The council was doing some microbial source tracking to see where the pathogens were coming from. Some of the work they had done showed a fair amount or the majority was coming from agricultural sources and sources such as dog and bird faeces, and pathogens also lived in the sediments in estuarine environments.

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