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Second woman flown from rockslide after a collision

ANOTHER young woman was injured in an accident at the Rere rockslide on the Wharekopae River yesterday.

It was the second accident at the popular spot since New Year’s Eve.

A young Palmerston North woman was hit in the back of the head by another person on the slide on Wednesday afternoon (see story above).

“The 20-year-old hurt yesterday afternoon was thought to have suffered a potential spinal injury,” an emergency services spokesman said.

The ECT rescue helicopter was called out at about 4pm.

“We landed in a clearing ?near the slide to pick up the ?girl,” said chopper pilot Neil Dodds.

“It was a fairly straightforward rescue operation.”

The woman was flown to Gisborne Hospital for treatment.

“She was assessed in the emergency department for a short time, then discharged,” a hospital spokeswoman said this morning.

People visiting the water ?slide yesterday said it was very busy.

“There would have been around 200 people up there having fun on it,” one person said.

“We noticed that there were still a lot of R&V festival-goers in the crowd.”