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Prime conditions for trout fishing season

FISHING across the Eastern region has shown real promise over the last few weeks, and things are looking good for some great trout fishing over the holiday season, says Fish and Game New Zealand.

Reports from the East Coast, including the Waioeka, Ruakituri, Lake Waikaremoana and Whakamarino (Tuai), have all indicated good catches of well-conditioned trout.

“In addition, back-country rivers in the region have had long, stable flows over an extended period so are likely to be in prime condition,” says Fish and Game.

“There is some word of early season algae build-ups beginning in the shallows but these are likely to have cleared after the heavy rains that swept the North Island mid-December.”

Fish & Game officer Matt Osborne says that since the sports fishing season opened in October, several freshes (rain events) had dislodged insect life to keep trout feeding, and cleaned algae from the rocks to make wading easier and safer.

Regions like Hawke’s Bay and the East Coast inland from Gisborne are examples of where remoteness provides some excellent back-country fishing experiences for anglers, he says.

But Mr Osborne urges anglers to check their rule books for several changes that have come into force this year.

They also need to be responsible about the environment.

“The battle against the invasive waterweed lagarosiphon is continuing around Lake Waikaremoana,” he said.

“Remember to check, clean and dry your angling equipment between waterways to stop the spread of invasive species that will harm your sport and the environment.”