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Our ambition to be fitter, better behaved

AMBITIONS to be slimmer, fitter and better behaved appear to dominate Gisborne people’s intentions for ?2015.

Asked in The Gisborne Herald’s ?latest web poll whether they had any New Year’s resolutions, 39 percent said they did while 61 percent did not.

Some of their ideas included getting ?fit, losing weight, saving money, consuming less sugar and alcohol, ?and being more organised.

Others had more ambitious intentions.

“I hope to be home for good by the end of the year.

“Almost nine years in Australia has been good but the novelty has worn off,” said one respondent.

“Fingers crossed it all becomes a reality. You can take this Maori out of Gizzy but you can’t take Gizzy out of him!”

One hoped to be able to make someone smile every day.

Another was keen to show more positivity and tolerance, and another decided to do a bit more for the environment by focusing on proactive sustainable practices in the home.

Some had professional ambitions — such as the respondent who was determined to create a Maori app for on-line users — or the political (“bring back Hone Harawira”).

Others reflected on their personal behaviour, like the writer who hoped to “be a better boyfriend . . . and always be thankful for the things she does”.

Another thought about the personal behaviour of others, who they hoped “would actually develop self-respect because without this they do not ?respect others or things that belong to others”.