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Outlet for crafty creations . . .

The recent Covid-19 lockdown gave rise to new pastimes for Gizzy people. Many took up arts and crafts for the first time, while for veteran crafty folk like Amy Moore, having to stay home was an ideal opportunity to indulge their passion without the usual interruptions. Amy is now organising a winter market to provide an outlet for these creative endeavours.

Gisborne's first indoor winter market could become a regular event if it proves successful, says organiser Amy Moore.

Planned for 11am to 4pm on Saturday, July 25 in a former plumbing warehouse at 73 Carnarvon Street, Amy says it will be a great way for people to support local art and crafts-makers who do not have a physical shop.

“Any way of helping locals by supporting small businesses and artisans is a must at the moment. We are hoping for a great atmosphere with live Gizzy musical talent jamming away in the background and refreshments including top-quality coffee,” says Amy.

“It should be a good vibe.”

Amy has noticed a growing popularity of arts and crafts in recent months.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, a lot of people got a bit crafty. They dug out things they had popped away when life was busier — knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, cross-stitching, all pastimes that you can do at home. So, it's nice to provide a market for people who might want to sell the things they've made.”

Around 20 stall-holders will sell knitwear, weaving, jewellery, pillow-cases, plants, art, bags, mosaics and more.

Amy's WorkShop space next door will also be open selling her own “handmade goodies and some vintage treasures”.

She's been “crafty” since childhood and began making hand-poured soy candles about 15 years ago. Her creativity grew to encompass room sprays, natural balms, bath salts and woven wall art.

“I love making things with beautiful scents or foraged from nature,” she says.

She recommends craftwork as “therapeutic, a way to really escape . . . especially weaving or something you can really get lost in.”

If the event goes well next Saturday, Amy is considering establishing a regular indoor winter market.

“If there's a really great turn-out and the stall-holders want to come back, then yeah, we'll do it again. We are lucky enough to have a venue so it's just a matter of filling it up with something for everyone. Gisborne has some great markets in the warmer months so this is very much a winter thing.”

Winter arts and crafts market organiser Amy Moore at the WorkShop, a creative space which she set up in Carnarvon Street just before the Covid-19 lockdown. Pictures by Rebecca Grunwell
Beautiful handmade jewellery (above) and room sprays (see the following picture in this gallery) will be on sale at the market.
Sierra Blumfield and Jade Hopper weaving a bracelet on a loom at Amy's recent holiday craft class at the WorkShop, a creative space she set up just before lockdown. Participants at the class will be among those selling their crafts at a winter arts and crafts market from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, July 25, in a former plumbing warehouse next door to the WorkShop at 73 Carnarvon Street. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell
There is a section at the market for crafty kids to sell their handmade wares, like these pretty bracelets pictured above.

  1. Diane Reilly says:

    Hi Amy
    What a great idea. I am a knitter and I am wondering how I would go about setting up a table with my goodies on it. How much does it cost etc.
    Can you please give me a call on 021 222 6419
    Thanks much appreciated

    Di Reilly