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Fragrant frangipanis

There are lots of gardening delights to enjoy during the last month of summer . . . so put your gardening gloves on and get outside in the cool of the early morning or evening . . .


If you live in a warm area and have a protected sunny spot in your garden, frangipanis create a lush tropical look, make a superb shade tree and of course the summer flowers are beautiful and heavenly scented.

They come in a range of gorgeous colours, from the traditional white through to apricots, pinks, yellows and rich burgundy, with many varieties having multi-toned blooms. Here are some tips to help keep your frangipani looking fantastic:

' Feeding — frangipanis will appreciate a feed in February with a high potassium fertiliser. Potassium is a key nutrient in promoting flowering as well as healthy plant growth and root development. Yates Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash is a rich source of potassium, boosted with New Zealand seaweed. Apply around the frangipani root zone and water in well. Yates Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash is certified for use in organic gardening by BioGro NZ.

' Watering — if the weather is hot and dry, frangipanis will appreciate deep watering once a week, especially if the tree is still young and the root system is small. There's no need to keep the soil constantly moist, as frangipanis do best in slightly drier conditions. Regular watering is particularly important for potted frangipanis, as pots can dry out very quickly. A 3 – 5cm layer of mulch over the surface of the pot will help minimise moisture loss. Keep mulch a few centimetres away from the trunk itself, which helps improve air flow and reduce collar rot diseases. — Courtesy of Yates

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