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Hine’s scrummy home-made brownie

Hine Nikora Porou learned how to cook and bake in the kitchens of her marae at Te Horo near Ruatorea. She got this brownie recipe from her mother and has adapted it to be gluten-free, nut-free and low-sugar. ‘I’ve been making this brownie for 10 years,’ says Hine. ‘It was one of the first things I learned to cook because I love sweet treats. It’s a favourite among those with a sweet tooth. I like to make mine with 70 percent dark cocoa because it gives it a rich chocolate flavour. It can last up to three days in the fridge or be frozen . . . but sometimes I end up eating it all!

Hine’s scrummy home-made brownie


1 cup of sugar

¾ cup of flour

⅔ cup of cocoa powder (I used 70 percent dark cocoa powder for my brownie)

½ cup of icing sugar

½ cup of milk chocolate

¾ teaspoon of salt

2 eggs

½ cup of canola oil

2 tablespoons of water

½ teaspoon of vanilla essence

Chopped walnuts (optional)


Preheat your oven 165°C.

Grease and line a baking tin for your brownie mixture (I have used a 25 x 11 loaf tin).

In a medium bowl mix together the sugar, flour, cocoa powder, icing sugar, milk chocolate and salt.

In a separate bowl whisk together the eggs, oil, water and vanilla essence.

Make a well in your dry ingredients, add the wet mixture into the centre and mix well. The mixture should be a thick and dough-like texture.

Now roll your brownie into the tin and press it flat to fit.

Optional — top with ½ cup of chopped walnuts.

Bake in the oven for 42 – 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out with only a few crumbs attached.

Let your brownie completely cool down before slicing it.

Prep time: 10mins

Cook time: 45 mins

• The brownie can be stored in the fridge to harden in an air tight container for up to 3 days or frozen.

• Almond oil can be used instead of canola oil.

• Coconut flour or gluten-free flour can be used instead of regular flour.

Hine Nikora Porou loves to cook — she’s pictured above in her element, in the kitchen mixing the ingredients for her delicious brownie. Pictures supplied
The ingredients for the brownie.
Top with walnuts — if you are OK with nuts.
YUM: The final product — irresistable home-made brownie.