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Reasonable, practical


I feel obliged to write in support of Joanne (February 19 and 23 letters). Just because Lara and Clive wish to quibble like spoilt primary school kids, so they can see their name in the paper three times a week, is no reason why the editor should inflict such puerile squabbling on his readers.

If he is short of letters to fill this page, the editor only has to ring me as I am well known to never pose a problem without reasonable, practical answers — quite unlike some of his other contributors.

Graham Gibson

PS: My ego is satisfied if my name is in the paper a few times per year, not nightly.

  1. Lara says:

    Hi Graeme,
    I am sure the editor is pleased to know you read the paper.
    I wonder if you could share, please, the comments you believe I have made in response to current events, including my response to you now, which are puerile or nasty in tone or substance.
    It is great that you have chosen to share your opinion, that is the purpose of this forum.