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Hoping path continues


Kia ora, I would like to respond to the November 19 article on the “completion” of the Valley Road footpath. I contacted the council earlier in the year regarding safety concerns for pedestrians on Valley Rd. I was led to believe that the new footpath would extend to Campbell Rd, and was very excited about the prospect. Pedestrians cannot safely walk, cycle or run between Valley Rd and Campbell Rd as there is no footpath. This is particularly a problem in the winter when the verge is muddy, slippery, icy and with long grass.

I run along Valley Rd with my dog very regularly. Many times I have nearly been hit by vehicles and have also experienced motorists aggressively driving at me while swearing and gesturing. When I contaced the local police about driver behaviour I was informed that the responsibility was solely mine and it would be my fault if a vehicle killed my dog. The police also suggested I drive elsewhere to run. I feel it is ridiculous that a pedestrian cannot exercise in their local streets safely.

I sincerely hope that the footpath will be extended to Campbell Rd. In the meantime, I contest the announcement that the footpath has been completed.

Chloe Lawrence

Footnote response from GDC Journeys infrastructure manager Dave Hadfield:

The project team is pleased that the safety footpath from the top of Barkers Hill to Massey Road is now complete and is being well supported by the community.

Unfortunately there are no plans to continue this path through to Campbell Road as there are other projects which have been prioritised over the next three years — which include the implementation of the Titirangi Hill one-way system, roading improvements around nine schools and a safety footpath from Campion school to Makaraka.