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Entitled to support display


Re: Museum refuses Endeavour, November 17 story.

I am Gisborne born and bred and proud of my hometown. I attended city and country schools throughout the district and spent almost my entire working life in the area until I retired in 2015.

I am of European descent and lived in Gisborne as a direct result of Captain James Cook of HMS Endeavour arriving in the bay in October 1769.

As a lifelong resident of Gisborne, I am entitled without question to be allowed to support the display of all memorabilia that reminds visitors and locals alike of that occasion.

I am disappointed that a minority group has such influence in the area which denies that display, with the view that their history is more important than mine. I strongly agree with the amazing new replicas of Cook’s ship being reinstated in the main road as were the originals in 1969.

Colin Knowles, Te Awamutu

  1. Eruera Arano says:

    How are Maori a minority group when we make up 50 percent of this city’s population?

    1. Ken Ovenden says:

      Eruera, the writer did not declare that the minority group was Maori, they will have been referring to the fact only some people were opposed to an Endeavour model going up in Gisborne.
      It seems that if you have an opinion that is not in line with Maori thinking these days, you are automatically “racist”.

      1. Tim Taylor says:

        I think that if you have racist ideas you are a racist. The writer did not say Māori, you are right. They also didn’t say ‘select group’s’ or ‘small group’ – it seems whether consciously or subconsciously they used ‘minority’ which in this situation can be interpreted to be Māori.
        I am a proud Gisbornite also, of European descent, who does not think we need to celebrate the beginning of the oppression, degrading, and land theft that Cook’s arrival set in motion. Should we remember? Yes, should we celebrate and erect monuments to the glory of it? No.