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Tick Marxism


Let’s destroy our country . . .

vote Labour and the Greens. Give Marxism a fair go. We have thrown out Christianity, let’s try Communism.

David Florance

  1. Tony Lee says:

    Hi David

    I’m struggling to remember when Christianity was a dominant political philosophy in New Zealand. I get the feeling you are just throwing out words for their effect rather than any coherent thought. Maybe you could explain how Labour and Green policies align with Marxist theory and will lead to a communist system of government in New Zealand.

  2. Mathew Bannister says:

    Is it only me who feels that people use terms like Marxism and Communism in a similar fashion to how adults talk to infants about the boogeyman?
    Marxist Theory is just one of many political and economic theories and to throw the term around is similar to many who make claims about neo-liberalist agendas.
    Communism is a similar term which has wide application, as is 1950s McCartyism version, 1927 Soviet, Early Chinese, Vietnamese, or Modern Chinese versions. All are significantly different but called the same in name.

  3. Zeynep Simpson says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Christianity being thrown out in terms of politics. Whenever there is a long left-wing government, stronger religious movements follows. Today’s Russia is more religious than ever. In Germany, they had the social democrats, that gave birth to the Merkel’s government with Christian Democrats. There was a point where religious-left was being talk about in the USA and a long Obama administration ended up strengthening the evangelist movements all around the country. (Also communism or communist ideas are, in my opinion, not that different than the ideas in the Bible. Especially where poverty is concerned.) So, I think the reason you don’t see a decisive Christian right wing voting bloc in New Zealand is not because the country is becoming more communist, but it is because you don’t have a right-wing political party that can unite the divided Christian blocs, and the left-wing party has ideas closer to Christian values than the existing right-wing parties. (Specifically in the eyes of the impoverished communities. NZ right-wing parties are very reluctant to show unconditional love and mercy.)

    1. Tony says:

      Off topic Zeynep, but I had to look up your most interesting name’s origin.

      “The name Zeynep is a girl’s name meaning “beauty”. Zeynep is one of the most popular girls’ names in Turkey, related to the also-popular Arabic Zaynab which is well-used throughout the Muslim world. But like many Turkish names, Zeynep is largely unknown in Europe and the US.”

  4. PJ Reed says:

    Let’s not destroy our country! Marxism and Communism isn’t represented by what has carried on in so-called “Communist or Marxist” states. Our goal should be creating a country with fairness to all its people, respect for the environment, and tolerance to all philosophies our fellow citizens choose to follow. At one stage New Zealand was described as a Socialist Democracy, which still allowed Christianity to flourish amongst its population. I don’t see how the writer’s letter helps his crusade for what he considers to be Chritianity. In through the Nose….

  5. Peter Jones says:

    Labour and Green policies take power away from the individual and give it to un-elected NGOs. That is the modern communist system of government right there.
    We have collectively voted to destroy our country.
    Beneath the vale of ‘unconditional love and mercy’, all social indicators point to housing shortages and growing poverty and health issues.
    The exact opposite.
    If you nearly had saved enough for a house deposit last year, you now need twice as much money so you are going backwards . . . quickly.