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Real flag-bearer for region


It’s safe to say that I’ve spent more time with politicians these past few years than I ever thought I would in my life. It has been fascinating getting to know individuals clearly passionate about their regions.

Of all of them, for me there has been one standout, so passionate that every time we meet unprompted she waxes effusively about the untapped talent of the people who live there. One who has fallen in love with the place so much she has made it her home. She sees in Gisborne what we know it to be and I can’t help but think that it’s been a long time since the area had a representative who has not only lived here, but is a real flag-bearer for the place. Kiri Allan would be an amazing asset to have represent Tairawhiti in Wellington. She deserves a chance.

Clarke Gayford

  1. Adrian Cutler says:

    No Labour Party bias there then! You would have also in that time you mentioned, got to know how vast a geographical region the East Coast electorate is, so how does your argument stack up if you live up the Coast, or in the southern BoP? Where people live within that area is a complete red herring as they are elected to represent the whole constituency. Given your position, I am completely aghast that The Gisborne Herald editor has published such blatant electioneering. Bad enough having your partner’s views shoved down my throat without you joining in as well. Stick to fishing please.

  2. Mathew Bannister says:

    Adrian, you can see how a free media works in that your letter has been published as rebuttal to Mr Gayford’s letter.
    I know that in this campaign and watching social media that some candidates have managed to cover a lot of the East Coast and hold events in towns across the electorate, including street corners up the Coast, attending sports events and other significant community events.
    Even with me not being on the general roll, I have been passionate about campaigning for such a capable and passionate candidate.

    1. Adrian Cutler says:

      Mathew, thank heavens for democracy, we cannot all share the same belief that Kiri and her leader are ‘fit for purpose’. The proof will be in the pudding will it not, should they both have the honour of being elected today. Action and deeds count, not mere platitudes or sops to the masses. Now enough of this, time to vote.