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Nature and the great outdoors are important to New Zealanders and with the general election fast drawing to a close, we really need a government that emphasises nature and climate action.

Our native ecosystems on land, in fresh water and in the oceans face many threats and require continuing efforts at restoration — healthy bush and high country filled with birds and insects; freshwater fish not under threat of extinction; our oceans with flourishing fish populations and other things such as vibrant kelp forests.

Regardless of who forms the next Government they will spend billions on the

Covid-19 recovery. This election is critical for ensuring our recovery has nature at its heart.

If you want to make nature a priority with your vote, go to our website forestandbird.org.nz and check out the information in the “Vote for Nature” section.

Grant Vincent, Chair, Forest & Bird Gisborne Tairawhiti branch

  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Grant, I wish Forest and Bird would be more vocal about the spraying and burning of native vegetation in this region. Maybe you could write up some information pages in The Herald of what is being lost when vast areas are burned here every autumn. I’m sure they would publish it. It seems many people don’t realise this is happening or know what wildlife relies on these habitats to survive.
    The burning is very accepted here. It’s terrible but no one says a word.

  2. Bob Hughes says:

    Thanks, Grant and Forest and Bird. It is indeed critical our country has a government with nature at its heart. I voted for a Labour-Green government because both put nature and climate change a priority.