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Strength and humanity


Blessings again Kiwis!

In the recent past, we watched New Zealand and your PM Jacinda Ardern respond to disasters, massacres and a pandemic with grace, honour, respect, humanity, and strength.

On Friday, New Zealand responded to a humanitarian issue; again demonstrating grace, honour, respect, humanity and moral strength: New Zealand recognised the validity of Behrouz Boochani’s asylum claim and granted him a visa.

Ardern and New Zealand demonstrate repeatedly how a nation, a leader, a people can display strength wrapped in humanity.

Sadly, we in Australia, have yet to overcome our hairy-chested, bloke-y, mate-y sense of showing strength; we focus on “punching above our weight” at the expense of lost grace and humanity.

Blessings on the Kiwis — our neighbours, our friends, and their leader, for reminding us with another beautiful example that we can demonstrate strength with grace, honour, respect, and humanity.

Thank you New Zealand; nga mihi maioha!

Judy Bamberger, O’Connor, ACT, Australia