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Hoping PM is able to take some time out


The Prime Minister’s meteoric rise in popularity and the well-deserved plaudits she has received worldwide could easily lead some to assume that she is invulnerable to anything adverse. But here is a woman who like any political leader is going to tire and at times be urgently in need of rest.

Her calmly authoritative handling of the Covid-19 scare, and the characteristic competence with which she has faced every twist and turn of the crisis, demands that she now take time out for herself and her family: if ever a politician needed a break it is her. Yet, should she indulge that need, we can be assured there will be denunciations from her opponents — easily able to disregard the fact that unlike any leader in several decades, she has had to deal not only with all the usual political entanglements but also with a succession of crises, from the Christchurch massacre to the White Island disaster followed by this unprecedented situation which at the start of the year was only a sci-fi fantasy.

Such pressure would tax the resources of any leader and although Jacinda Ardern is quite evidently the most exceptional Prime Minister New Zealand has had since the days of Michael Joseph Savage, she is certainly as prone to exhaustion as any of us. I sincerely hope she is able to take time out before the elections so that she may continue to administer to the needs of this country as effectively as she has done so far.

Norman Maclean