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Race unity speech amazing


Hannah, your speech presented in Monday’s Gisborne Herald absolutely “blew me away”.

I have given a great number of speeches, delivered countless poems and presented over 10 eulogies for friends and family members during the past 40 years, but I have never achieved the level of impact and perfection that your presentation displayed.

I have never been “spellbound” enough to read through any other full-page story in our paper. Your eloquence and your command of the English language absolutely amazed me and belies your years.

When I was in form two at Gisborne Intermediate I wrote an essay/speech about Florence Nightingale that was read out to the 6th form at Gisborne High. As proud as I was, my effort did not come within a “bull’s roar” of what you gave to our readers.

I am an absolute admirer of our beautiful language and your speech made me ask the question “if you could not even make the top six, then how damned good were those placed ahead of you?”

I believe that Barack Obama, to my mind one of America’s greatest political orators, would have been immensely impressed with your eloquence and deeply thoughtful presentation.

You have an amazing future ahead of you if you continue on your literary path.

You are a credit to your school, your community and, most of all, the defence of your chosen topic. I only hope we shall be able to hear more from you.

Mike Mulrooney