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Down pool rabbit hole, someone turned on a light . . .


At long last the council has come to its senses and moved the Olympic pool. They were advised way back in 2017 not to build it over the sewer pipe, for obvious reasons, but all advice was ignored.

My question is (oh no, I forgot, the council doesn't like questions) what made them change their minds: can't be consultation, as we were told in July 2020 that had all finished.

Maybe someone in the deep, dark depths of the rabbit hole turned on a light and there it was: Don't Build The Pool Over A Poo Pipe.

It would be nice to know how much money was wasted on the original plan of building over the existing pool site — I imagine it could run into the millions. Now that process has to start again . . . more millions?

The council has asked the game-changing group to find $1.5 million to pay for a moveable floor that would accommodate the walkers and aqua aerobics. The amount of money already spent unnecessarily would, I imagine, have given us a gold-plated moveable floor.

The whole complex will have to be redesigned to make up for money that has been wasted so far. We know that the budget had already blown out. We will be lucky to end up with a 10 metre outdoor pool the way this is being managed.

This project was given the green light back in July 2020. Building costs have been going up by 3-5 percent a month apparently; let's be conservative and say costs have risen by 2.5 percent a month, giving a rise of $1.6m over the eight months — an obscene amount of money.

This could have been avoided if the council had listened to engineers way back in 2017. The damn thing would have been built now, including a moveable floor. I reckon it won't get started for another six months, with potentially about another $1.2m of inflation added in.

I'm an easy-going old bloke but trying to get the council to be practical would be the most frustrating thing I have ever been involved in!

Glen Sutton

  1. Peter Ferris says:

    Well put Glen, sadly the GDC talks about consultation but operates in-house or certainly prefers to pay for any advice that sits in the too-hard basket. The simple solution to everything is, increase the rates and that will cover inefficiencies. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to complete the project and what the final cost is. One thing for sure, nobody will ever admit they have ever made an error.

  2. Peter Jones says:

    Zero carbon future directly ahead.
    I wonder if they are going to heat it with “renewable” electricity?
    Anything is possible if you are an educated socialist it seems.