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A promise to honour


Re: Rail about opportunities, March 24 letter.

Meredith, I refer to your letter regarding repairing our railway line. We need Jacinda Ardern to honour her promise.

It would also help if our Mayor and other councillors supported you instead of sitting on their hands.

Our local MP Kiri Allan should also ask Jacinda why we are still waiting for her promise to be honoured.


  1. Richard says:

    Reg your are right – JA and her Ministers need to repay the electorate’s confidence in their appointment to govern. But that’s only the start of putting rail on a solid footing.

    The monolith KiwiRail needs to be broken up into specialist independent businesses: The Network, Safety and Standards, Freight, Passenger and a Rail Inspectorate. The present board of KiwiRail needs to be assessed for their competences and suitability to on any one of those newly established rail businesses. And finally the current CEO of KiwiRail should be relieved of his command as he has shown consistently that he is unable allocate the rail budget wisely, lacks an entrepreneurial vision and fails to create and execute marketing strategies. As it stands KiwiRail is not fit for purpose.

  2. Richard says:

    KiwiRail stop weekend running of their new Te Huia inter-city service.

    The Hamilton to Auckland passenger service won’t operate on Sundays for the next three years – but hey – freight can run on a Sunday into Auckland. Remind me – what was the CEO’s previous post before taking command of KiwiRail – ah yes – for a trucking company – the leopard hasn’t changed his spots has he. And never will.

    Freight trains good – Passenger trains an inconvenience.

    A failure to invest in infrastructure in Auckland was the reason put forward but according to councillors in Hamilton KiwiRail were consistently throwing up reasons not run the Te Huia services on weekends or other public holidays.

    As I’ve stated many times over the years: KiwiRail are not fit for purpose and should be disbanded. Now.