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Shows value of SLS clubs


Thank you for your coverage regarding the ocean rescues which occured at Makorori and Kaiti beaches this past week. These two events are great examples that highlight the value surf lifesaving clubs add to Gisborne and the wider region.

Surf lifesaving is not just training athletes to compete at carnivals. Surf lifesaving is not limited to patrolling and protecting our beaches between the flags on weekends. These are an important part of what a surf lifesaving club provides, but there is so much more what they provide.

Surf lifesaving offers its members the skills and the confidence to observe, access, and react to first aid/rescue situations on both land and water. These skills can be used at any time or at any place in our community or anywhere else in the world.

This is a very important reason why surf lifesaving clubs are an important asset to their communities.

Well done to Jess, Kelly, and Jay for their actions. Thank you to the sponsors and all others who support and assist in the operation of surf lifesaving clubs from Hicks Bay to Midway. These clubs always appreciate any contributions or support from our community. Thank you.

Andrew Putnam, Chair, Riversun Wainui Surf Club