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Rescue effort impressive


Wow, I was so impressed by the turnout to rescue a kitten on Lytton Road on Thursday night. I saw the FB post on Gisborne Pet adoptions and rescue, about an hour into the rescue, and thought immediately it may be our cat Elly, missing for a week from Redmond Street.

It was about 10.30pm and my daughter in her pyjamas and me in my clothes quickly went down to the rescue site to see. The Gisborne District Council driver had his yellow hazard lights flashing to slow the trafic and so many people were down there helping. Unfortunately it wasn't our Elly. As I left to go home I thought what a great community that people would go out at 10pm to rescue a kitten. I have always found Gisborne a difficult place to live but this has renewed my energy. Thanks must go to all involved.

Shelagh West

  1. Shelagh West says:

    For anyone interested, Elly turned up today – having been missing since February 12. She strolled on into the house like nothing had happened. I wish she had a GPS so I could see where she has been. She was covered in dust!