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Time out . . .


Simmer down children, naughty Jeremy, naughty Clive, naughty Joe, naughty Lara (and friends), naughty Bob and naughty all those commenting from other countries. Joanne to the front of the class please and a box of chocolates for you.

It's nice to know that there are others out there who are fed up with all this squabbling — to the naughty corner with the lot of you.

Of course there is always the nuclear option: cancel our subscriptions.

Bob Burgess

  1. Lara says:

    Bob and Joanne,
    People like me, Clive, Joe, Aimee, Craig, Gordon, Jeremy, Ken and all those who contribute from out of town using the Gisborne Herald as a means to debate ideas are not naughty children. We are exercising our right to participate in democracy.
    Those of us who share our opinions about matters like Climate Change, Maori Wards and basic human rights care enough to contribute to what I consider to be necessary and important conversations. It takes a bit of courage to stick your head out of the hole.
    We who chose to contribute may not always agree with each other but by and large, the online conversations are respectful of different viewpoints. In my opinion, these conversations need to happen.
    I have been told by other readers of the Gisborne Herald that they enjoy reading the various viewpoints and look forward to them!
    Newspapers are a great vehicle for sharing the ideas of the current times. In the future people will look back on the letters of the Gisborne Herald and understand some of the things that happen in the here and now.
    I will continue to have an opinion and share it bravely if and when I feel that a line has been crossed. If the editor decides that what I and others have to say is of no import, he will not publish our opinions.

    1. D. Arthur says:

      Lara I really like reading your viewpoints, and respect your broad knowledge of current topics of interest, but I do agree with Joanne about one or two ongoing debates. As far as I’m concerned, you have already won, and I don’t even read these now.