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C’mon drivers, stay alert


Re: Pedestrian Crossings.

I, like many others, use the pedestrian crossing next to the YMCA almost every weekday. Almost every day, cars fail to stop for me as I try to cross. I have had to jump out of the way of cars at least 10 times this year and it is only February!

I am careful to watch for traffic and make every effort to be courteous to drivers. I feel like I am going to get hit by a car and that person will not bother to stop. It is like the drivers don't even see me.

I have seen the same issue with people trying to use the crossing at Ballance Street Village. Drivers ignore the pedestrians.

C'mon Gisborne drivers, stay alert. No one wants a hit-and-run here.

Lara Meyer

  1. PJ Reed says:

    I suggest signs should be posted informing drivers who has the right of way. On zebra crossings pedestrians have the right of way and vehicles should not continue until the pedestrian has reached the roadside, or in the case of Ormond Road-Ballance Street the pedestrian island.