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Here is a thought . . . perhaps Lara and Clive could exchange email addresses. They are becoming very boring and only interested in proving the other wrong.

With so much happening around us, I am over them.

Joanne Stewart

  1. Lara says:

    Sorry you feel bored Joanne…
    Contribute your opinions on a topical issue and create a different conversation.

  2. Nate says:

    Some of us enjoy reading the various exchanges in the opinion section. It seems others (Joanne in this piece, and Bob in his piece titled “Time out”) would deprive the rest of us of the ability to read and consider others’ opinions.

    Here is a wildly controversial thought: If you don’t like reading contributions from various authors then simply don’t read them. A revolutionary idea I know, but I’m sure Joanne and Bob could give it a try? Or as Lara says, start a topic of interest to you.

    1. Ken Ovenden says:

      Hi Nate, revolutionary not, close your eyes and you are not reading, open them and you open your opinion for others to debate yours. While we are allowed of course. Your choice Mr Editor, thanks.