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Two stories of speeding


Obviously a number of motorists with over-inflated egos didn't read my letter to the editor last week.

Their souped-up cars and motorbikes or fancy regalia do not give them exemption from the rules that we must all obey.

Three motorcyclists rode past my home on Sunday night on their big “Harleys” hitting around 65-70kmh.

Why are there no cameras or radar in this section of Wainui Road? Along with lower Stout Street, it is looked on as a speedway by a few idiots.

Three months ago I got a ticket, the first one in my life, for hitting 56kmh. I broke the law, “fair cop”, but when I asked an officer if there was a “length of time” duration for excessive speed he said “no”, the camera or radar simply registers that you are over the limit and a ticket is served.

I had come out of the roundabout and was heading to Dunblane about 100 yards further on. A car came out of the roundabout behind me at excessive speed and literally charged down at me. I sped up (for 3-4 seconds) to get out of his way then pulled over to the side of the road. I was only about 60-70 yards from my destination, so speed was unnecessary.

If I had been racing along for 300 yards at 56kmh I could understand, but for 2-3 seconds? No way. For goodness sake.

If we hit 56kmh (momentarily) we get fined. If we hit 70kmh, we don't. What a strange world we live in.

The highlight of the whole incident, though, was when I went to pay my fine at Westpac. I told the teller it was my first ever ticket in over 64 years of driving, and she held out her hand and said “congratulations”. I think she had an amazing sense of humour.

Mike Mulrooney