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Name-calling unhelpful


I have read Wally Te Ua's letters in the past and thought about what he has had to say. However I feel that in his latest missive he has strayed into the trap of labelling all people with a different point of view to his, as racist, power hungry, white supremacist, etc. Anyone who supports his view seems to take on the mantle of caped crusaders standing for all that is honest, true, supporting justice and the New Zealand way.

Name-calling does not serve any useful purpose I feel, except to make the caller feel better perhaps. I am not opposed to Maori wards per se, but feel the wishes of the people have not been heard.

The editor's latest editorial at least goes some way to showing how it all might work.

I am amused by the number bemoaning the cost of a vote, when you consider the amount of money spent on other projects in recent times.

Ron Taylor

  1. H Hannam says:

    I have had a gutsful of the “R” word being used every time someone has an opinion of their own. Let’s get multicultural – if GDC wants to be truly fair there should be a ward for everyone . . . so, Chinese, Indian, British, Maori, American, Pacific Islanders, Africans and maybe 1 rural ward (to keep the farmers happy) . . . 8 councillors, that should cover it!

  2. Lara says:

    Before you get upset about Wally Te Ua’s choice of terms. The Oxford dictionary defines white supremacy or white supremacists as
    ‘People who believe that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the detriment or exclusion of other racial or ethnic groups’. Is not that exactly what people from Hobson’s Pledge and some of the guys commenting on this demonstrate?
    Here are some examples which evidence their belief that they are somehow superior, just because of the colour of their skins, from the paper/online comments this week.
    ‘People shoving their pious woke ideas…’ Ken O.
    ‘Blackfishing’ Ken O.
    ‘Your average garden sow’ Craig B.
    ‘Radical left activists’ Ken O.
    ‘The treaty partnership is a modern concept’ Neil H.
    ‘Who is Maori… no definition of a minimum amount of ancestry… simply ridiculous’… their cuzzy bros’. Neil H.
    ‘Sling your tutae from Christchurch to Gizzy’. Ken O
    ‘Maori wards, a step closer to communism’ Peter J.
    ‘Stand up to those leftist scumbags’ Peter J.
    Calling out white privilege is not name calling. Some of the comments above are though.
    We are dealing, it would seem, with a growing number of people who feel unjustifiably entitled to express what are quite racist views. They demonstrate through their words that they think white people’s needs and opinions are more important than those of other ethnic groups in NZ. So I think it is imperative that we call them out and stamp out this racist rhetoric.
    If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    1. Ken Ovenden says:

      Hi, H Hannam, well put on your opinion of the use of the “r” word. Read the response put in minutes after yours, which gives a really good example of actual racism disguised as opinion. Quite often one finds that the person calling the other racist is actually more so themselves.