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Re story on Maori wards flyer


Re: ‘Undermining democracy', January 13 story.

Councillor Wharehinga states, “an overwhelming majority of our community gave us feedback that they support the establishment of Maori wards”.

According to a report in The Gisborne Herald on November 24, 2020: “The council received 18 formal submissions representing more than 60 organisations, family trusts, iwi, hapu, marae and kura. The council ran a consultation period from August to November in which 69 percent of the 293 responses said they would like to see Maori wards established.”

This works out at roughly 202 submissions. Is this the “overwhelming reponse” he refers to?

There are close to 35000 voters, in total, according to the electoral commission's website, as at November 2020.

Ron Taylor

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  1. Kerry Haraki says:

    I guess the rest of the voters weren’t fussed enough to bother making a submission? They mustn’t have felt threatened enough to cause an expensive referendum costing taxpayers $65,000 after the fact of the well publicised GDC vote.

    1. J Stringfellow says:

      No Kerry, the only “well publicised” part of this fiasco was the protesters who turned up to intimidate any decision that day. As for any cost to be incurred, well that should have been taken into account by the councillors at the time of deliberation. But it looks, as is becoming of this council, like yet again a decision was made without really thinking it all through. Split the bill between them.