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Look to use accredited taxis next time around


Re: Taxi rip-offs from R&V, January 12 letter.

As in past years a lot of taxis have come from out of town to service R&V. Unfortunately some of them see it as a chance to take advantage of the public attending R&V.

This was the first year of taxi accreditation at R&V, so all legitimate taxis were displaying their accreditation in the windscreen, and were part of the transport hub along with the buses working out of gate B. All these taxis and including our local accredited taxis would have been charging by means of their taxi meters, however, some out of town taxis chose not to be accredited or did not meet the requirement — these taxis were working from gate D alongside the unofficial, unmarked cars.

My suggestion for next year; when catching a taxi from R&V look for the accredited taxis.

Chris Lankshear

Manager, Gisborne Taxis

  1. Phil Hunt says:

    I am surprised that out-of-town taxis would be allowed to operate.
    Unless the rules have changed all taxi owners/drivers have to pass a topography test to operate in any area.
    I would be checking with the Compliance Officer at NZTA to see if this is indeed legal.