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Great power of recall


Re: Unbelievable attempt to retain Power, January 8 letter.

Bob Hughes wrote about how he was around (and presumably old enough to have a meaningful understanding of politics) when Hitler burned down the Reichstag building in 1933. Now looking back at my own life, I suppose I started to understand politics around the age of 13. Again, presuming that Bob must have been a similar age at the time (unless of course he was an infant protege) this would make him around 100 years of age today. I would like to take a moment here to commend dear Bob on his mental strength at such an age; his ability to not only remember events from some 87 years ago but also to apply that knowledge to such an intricate happening from the modern times.

Cam Wood

  1. Bob Hughes says:

    Cam, No I am not 100 years of age. I am only 88 and will be 90 next year.
    I was around in 1933 when Hitler arranged that arson, that’s all I claimed.
    I remember well WW2 being declared in 1939 two years after my starting school.
    I also grieved at the news of a teenage friend killed in action shortly after. No remarkable feats of memory there, but thanks for the commendation just the same.
    So Mr Wood
    In 1933, Hitler arranged Germany’s Reichstag fire
    and in 2021 Trump set his mob upon Washington’s Capitol.
    Nothing either of us said changes the truth of those events. What do you reckon Cam?

  2. Lara says:

    My father-in-law is in his eighties meaning he was a child in Scotland during WW2. He can recall his experiences and those of his parents during the war, even though he was quite young. I know he spent many years processing what he witnessed and heard during those war years and the aftermath.
    It is perfectly feasible that Mr Hughes can recollect his experiences and impressions of the War. It doesn’t take much to see the similarities between Trump’s endorsement and support of American racists and neo-Nazis and Hitler’s Germany.