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Christ is key to freedom


Here is a little bit of Pilgrim's Progress:

After Hopeful helped Christian to escape the city of Vanity Fair and they had travelled some way the road became rough, so they left it by climbing over a stile into what looked like easier going. They lost their way and were captured by Giant Despair who locked them in a dungeon where he abused them for many days till they were at their wits end and Christian wanted to end it all.

However, Hopeful encouraged him and they prayed till the break of day when Christian remembered that when he had lost his burden at the cross and been given new clothes, he had also been given a key called Promise.

So, believing that the key would unlock every door of Doubting Castle, they tried the key and the door opened.

It also opened the door in the yard and the large iron gate, although its rusty hinges made such a noise it woke the giant. He pursued them, but they escaped back to the safety of the King's Highway.

Why did I tell this bit of the story?

To me Jesus Christ is the key to freedom from doubt and fear, for when the Son of God sets a person free, they are really free. That is His promise and he always keeps His Word. May this be a blessing to someone.

L. Brydon

  1. Anthony John LEE says:

    Kevin Bridges (terrific Scots comic) mentions the standard reaction to old guy sitting in pub who talks to anyone who comes close. He gets a pat on the shoulder and, “Aye, now you have a great night,” and then walks away quickly.