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Asparagus roll queries . . .


Re: Bomb scare.

I always enjoy the detail of our local paper. Over the holiday period one can ruminate over detail that you don't normally have time for. I have been mulling over the fact that police handed out asparagus rolls to those trapped outside the Gisborne airport. It raised for me many unanswered questions that could well warrant investigative reporting.

Who made the rolls? Was someone out the back of the station cutting the crusts off the bread? Or were they outsourced? Was there a glut of asparagus at LeaderBrand? It is not spring asparagus season, so were they tinned? Were the young people keen on the asparagus rolls? Who was it who thought they might be? If this happened in the South Island I expect there would have been cheese rolls. It comes close to being a healthy snack as opposed to the Air NZ offering of pizza. Can we expect to see more of these culinary offerings in any incident that the police are involved with? Snacks to accompany breathalyser tests would be nice . . . But I do prefer a sausage roll in the winter.

Better work stories everyone.

Love it, Gizzy Police.


Footnote from Ed: Food and drinks were donated by Gear Meat Pie Co, Pak'nSave and Adi's Dairy.

  1. Ken Ovenden says:

    Congratulations Sarah, for being the most ungrateful, uncaring moron of the week. Under unwelcome, difficult circumstances the best possible was done – and bloody good on those who achieved that on the day. RESPECT THAT.

    1. Tony Lee says:

      Don’t worry Ken, it’s a new week coming and plenty of time to get your title back.

      1. Ken Ovenden says:

        Ahh, gee Tony, thanks for the fan mail. I really like your style, especially re American politics as you have displayed recently – but does anyone here really care? (To note another writer.) LOL.

        1. Tony Lee says:

          Please tell me Ken, what did you particularly like about my recent responses to Mr Cooper? I’m gratified that you care enough to make comment here.

          What amused me was that you were triggered by Sarah’s delightfully light-hearted letter “Asparagus roll queries . . .” Why not just apologise for your error and move on?

          1. Ken Ovenden says:

            Hi Tony, I simply like the fact that you take time to respond to a person with such a misaligned outlook on life. The other letter is another matter – to attempt to make light banter of a bomb threat, and the aftermath that people were put through, is stupidity. For you to consider it “delightful” now makes me reserve my opinion of your writings.
            Having been put through numerous bomb threats on board my war ship in the 1970s by the Progressive Youth Movement, they are no bloody joking matter I can assure you.

          2. Tony Lee says:

            Thanks Ken. I would never have commented on Mr Copper’s misaligned outlook on life unless he had penned his initial letter. When such conspiratorial nonsense is raised in a public forum it is important that others encourage critical thinking and analysis to provide balance.

            On the other matter, to conflate experiences on a naval vessel to the incident at the airport is really going too far. Clearly, Sarah was making light of the refreshment services and not the scare itself. Read it again carefully and you should be able to understand this.

          3. Tony Lee says:

            Ken, In spite of the conflation, I’ve briefly searched https://vietnamwar.govt.nz/nz-vietnam-war/war-back-home and Vietnam War – NZ History (www.nzhistory.govt.nz) to find some evidence of a bomb threat against a naval vessel by the PYM. I’m thinking that what you could be referring to are drills to prepare for bomb threats rather than the reality.
            Do you have any evidence of an actual credible threat being made by the Progressive Youth Movement?

  2. Sam Wanoa, Napier says:

    Oh Ken don’t you feel silly right now for your over reaction? It was tongue in cheek and from what I see a thumbs up to the police and background story. She was ruminating about the what/why/how/when etc and was not taking a swipe at the police or those stranded as you suggest. If you don’t understand that then perhaps should should refrain from passing judgement on something you know nothing of i.e. (tongue in cheek light hearted banter). And yes I also prefer a good sausage roll once in a while be it winter or summer.

    1. Ken Ovenden says:

      Hi Sam, perhaps you wrote the article under the pen-name Sarah and now wish to give your real name . . . now that is tongue in cheek.

      1. Sam Wanoa, Napier says:

        Oh dear Ken,

        How far off the mark you are. It’s apparent to me that crystal ball of yours is giving you bad advice. It’s akin to me suggesting your name is actually Barry, sounds silly ha? Conspiracies aside, have a nice day and a great 2021.