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A facility for the future


Re: Pool project needs independent review, November 28 column.

The council's reply to my letter doesn't allay any of my suspicions about the pool upgrade. I am as excited as anyone to have the chance to upgrade our old and tired pool, but please, council, listen to those who have done a lot of work on how to future-proof it.

From the first meeting, the council has told everyone that no alterations could be done to the plans as they were final. Yet in their reply to my letter they say they are not finalised!

The council is now looking at starting phase two ahead of phase one. Why? (Dam, another question.)

Phase 2 is the cheaper phase, I think, but definitely a lot easier than phase one.

The council has already stated that the budget is tight. I wonder if once phase two is finished they might find that the budget will not cover phase one — and they will then change that to a 25 metre pool, as they originally wanted.

Over the past few months I have discussed this with a lot of people who either run or use pools on a regular basis all over the country, and all of them think we are wasting the opportunity to have a facility that could be used by all members of our community.

The council's reputation in recent projects leaves a lot to be desired. Come on council, don't stuff this one up.

Glen Sutton