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Less admin, more healthcare


Tania Tapsell made this statement in response to a comment made on her Facebook page and I'm concerned the implication could be misinterpreted: “Miss Ardern has confirmed multiple times that she will cut the DHBs. This will be a huge loss for Tairawhiti.”

I'm not sure how cutting DHBs will be a huge loss for Tairawhiti as the consultation period hasn't even started yet. We don't know if our particular DHB will be stand-alone or amalgamated with another.

Whichever way it goes, my understanding is that actual health provisions will be much the same as they have been.

Over the past 20 years we have personally dealt with three different DHBs and they have all had different priorities with differing targets for healthcare. This is concerning.

We as a country and a region spend a lot of money on DHB representatives and their administration teams.

Surely a reduction in these admin costs will result in more health $$ being available for actual healthcare instead of pen-pushers. That has to be a huge win for Tairawhiti DHB and others.

Mary-Ann de Kort

  1. Dave says:

    I think the sooner we remove health boards the better. So many things are replicated. So much is spent on things that are not directly health-related. One or two health boards would be able to run the whole system far better than they are presently being run.

  2. Lara says:

    There are only five million New Zealanders spread over a relatively small landmass. Less than the population of Sydney and about the same as Melbourne. I don’t think they have heaps of health boards like we do here.
    I really can’t understand why we need so many DHBs for such a small population. What could we do for actual health-related outcomes if we amalgamated DHBs?
    The hospitals would stay where they are obviously.
    Maybe we need a DHB for Northland and Auckland (because that is where many New Zealanders reside). We could have another DHB responsible for the central and lower North Island and one for the South Island.
    Would that free up funding to cover health-related resources and medical staff?