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Hold governors to account, don’t collaborate with them


I say the people are tired of “governance”. That's what got us here in the first place.

Nothing stinks more of socialism than “improved governance” that puts the rights of nature over the rights of New Zealanders. NZ is a country that accommodates a thriving eco-system alongside human activity.

Let's hold the governors to account instead of collaborating with them. If people have rights they don't need governance. I will advocate for people's rights, if there are any left. We have enough governance merchants on council already. Governance is a disease.

We are sovereign beings, whether we believe it or not. Where the problem lies is that those who govern over us do not see us as sovereign. We can cry sovereign until the cows come home but it won't have any benefit to us.

Governance is the captain's law.

Admiralty law is whatever the captain says it is, but that does not mean it is necessarily lawful.

We are sovereign people under God's law, common law or the law of the land, with inalienable rights, freedom of association and freedom of speech.

Now we have a smaller god with no capital G, the state. It says I'm god and you will do as I say.

Under the law of God there is no crime unless there is a victim. So if you haven't hurt someone, killed someone or damaged property there is no crime.

But under the captain's law a crime is what the captain calls a crime. The end point is communism where you have no rights and work for the state, and that is where we stand today.

I want governance that listens to the people rather than tells the people.

Peter Jones

  1. Lara says:

    Hi Peter,
    It is very hard to make sense of what you have written but I will give it a red hot go!
    1. What makes you say that humans have the right to ride rough shod over the environment? Have you read the extensive literature that explains the implications human activity has on the environment? Do you believe we are not part of the ecosystem?
    2. With rights come responsibilities. Therefore we all have the responsibility to pay our bills, treat others with respect and generally abide by the laws of the land.
    3. We live in a democracy. It might be a flawed democracy but our way of life enables you to share your opinions freely. I assume you vote, I see you are standing for council so I guess you are hoping to be one of the people who governs the rest of us. Therefore I find your comment about governance being a disease rather ironic.
    Peter, New Zealand is not going to become a communist state, so there is no need to resort to McCarthyism. That is so 1954.

    1. Peter Jones says:

      “Peter, New Zealand is not going to become a communist state, so there is no need to resort to McCarthyism. That is so 1954.”
      Thank you for that Lara.
      I’ve said my bit and am happy to rest my case and let the people decide what they want for themselves.
      Humans have a right to co-exist with nature and yes of course I’ve read the extensive Green propaganda.
      We must abide by the law of the land. That is my point.
      The Green pirate captains should not be allowed to make humanity walk the plank and if I am elected I will do my best to ensure that people have rights and freedom.
      NZ is a communist state already and that is why I have put my hand up.

      1. Lara says:

        New Zealand is not a communist country!

        I find it frustrating Peter that you continue to say that New Zealand is a communist state. That assertion is simply wrong. Indeed it is misinformation. I can’t understand why someone who says he wants to represent the interests of Gisborne residents would insist on telling porkies.
        Did you stay home from primary school on the days the teacher taught us to how to look up definitions in the dictionary?
        The definition of communism is that most property and economic resources are owned and controlled by the state (rather than individual citizens). New Zealand leans towards socialism though because (in theory) all our citizens are supposed to be able to share equally in economic resources as allocated by a democratically-elected government.

        1. Peter Jones says:

          Events over the weekend imply that you are wrong and I am right Lara.
          I only want to work in the best interests of those who want to help themselves.
          The Jacinda voters are not for me.
          If you voted for Labour please do not vote for me!

  2. Niels Andersen says:

    Gee I love this country. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can establish a political party and sign up for the elections, and during campaigning can say whatever rubbish they want for the voters to digest. In this case Mr Peter Jones is busy telling us all that New Zealand is a communist state and in general giving it to the current government. I would like to know how many communist countries Peter Jones has visited, if any. My educated guess is none. If he had, he would know how ridiculous his statements are. I spent a long time in West Berlin and travelled through East Germany many times. To compare New Zealand with a state system like that is just sad. If an East German citizen voiced an opinion like Mr Jones has, the secret police (Stasi) would be knocking on the door real fast, the brave citizen would spend a long time in a re-education camp and the whole family would be under constant surveillance for years. Communist NZ!! I don’t think so. Here is a piece of free advice Mr Jones. If you want to be elected to anything, stick to the subjects you know about and leave out the ones where you don’t have a clue.