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True account worth reading


I have just completed reading Into the Unknown: The secret WWI diary of Kiwi Alick Trafford, No. 25/469.

For those interested, it is so well worth reading this documented, true account of what was endured.

Our Dad was a veteran of World War One and like many of his comrades, he never spoke of the horrors of that time.

Many times as youngsters we would be awakened to the sound of terrible screaming. Our mother would rush in to our room and tell us not to worry, Dad was having dreams of being in the trenches or going over the top of an ambush.

I was usually under the bed.

It impacted on many families and changed many lives forever.

To this local author, I commend and thank you for sharing with those who have no idea of what was endured — and also with us, the ones who lived alongside the darkness that our fathers kept hidden.

Marie Te Aho