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A song that needs sharing


Hi Vic, I've just read your story and poetic song in Saturday's paper and it blew me away. They say an Irishman with the “Gift of the Gab” must have kissed the Blarney Stone. I don't think you just kissed it, I think you bit off and swallowed a large piece.

Your use of the language we share and the emotion your words dragged from myself and, I am sure, many readers is a tribute to the person you are (even if you do support Manchester United).

You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife as Norma, and the support of your extended family is obvious.

The last time I saw you was about one year ago. You were passing my home, accompanied by your grandson and lovely black dog. The chat we shared ended too quickly but I am grateful for the time we spent just “gabbing away”.

I have written countless songs and poems but nothing even near to your creation. I sat at my table and, with my guitar, tried to put your song to music. I have no idea as to the melody line but I tried to sing it, to the best of my ability, in the style of a song similar to “The Fields of Athenry”. I certainly did not use that melody, as the phrasing is totally different. I tried to give it the “lilt” of an Irish folk song but I am sure your melody will be a thousand times better than my composition.

I would love to hear your version or to be allowed to sing my adaption when I do my “rest home entertaining”. However, I would never do such a thing without your blessing.

Vic, you must give your song voice, and allow people the chance to spread your Gospel far and wide.

You are an astonishing person.

Your fortunate friend

Mike Mulrooney