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Damage caused by Nats


According to Tania Tapsell, Labour has failed the community with its housing policies. Steady on Tania!! Nine years under a National government saw the elimination of first-home buyers' access to reasonably-priced houses. Why? Because year after year, a flood of wealthy immigrants was encouraged by National and housing costs went sky high, not just in Auckland.

John Key was so rattled by the bad look of this that he instructed his caucus to never speak of a housing crisis. It was a “housing challenge”, as most of us well remember, but evidently young contenders to Parliament have conveniently ignored that deceitful bit of political-speak.

Challenge aye? No one in National could take that on, could they? Labour has attempted to begin rectifying the situation but will certainly need another term or two to correct the damage caused by National if a real solution is to be found. Miracles of this size don't happen in a mere three years.

Caro Fisher

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  1. G R Webb says:

    You are not seriously suggesting that there was a complete absence of first home buyers from the market for 9 years? National tried to loosen up the RMA to increase the land bank but couldn’t get the legislation across the line. Thanks Labour, those caring supporting people. And what has Labour done? The housing crisis has just got worse. Its solution was to open up the motels, for which it had sternly criticised the Key Government.