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PM should not tolerate adultery


The community should be concerned at the statement of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that Ministers having affairs is not necessarily inappropriate behaviour.

Would Ms Ardern please advise us when she considers it appropriate for her Ministers to commit adultery?

Having an affair or committing adultery is always morally reprehensible, offensive and inappropriate. It gives offence to our Creator by violating the sixth commandment of God, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It damages the persons committing adultery, violates the marriage contract to be faithful to your spouse, gives offence to the spouse and gives scandal to the community.

The community have an absolute right to expect that those who sit in our Parliament or in Government are persons of the highest integrity and moral rectitude.

I believe the community has a right to expect the Prime Minister to be a role model in her own personal life, and to expect and demand the highest integrity from her Ministers and members of her caucus.

Ken Orr, Christchurch

  1. Mathew Bannister says:

    I am more concerned that the former Minister engaged in a relationship which could have been a significant power imbalance between the Minister and the staffer.
    Considering the former Minister’s portfolio on and the focus on workplace culture and safety, to be in such a relationship and not declare it to the Prime Minister is the true failure of being a responsible Minister.
    It is for this that Mr Lees Galloway was removed as a Minister.
    It is a very slippery slope to begin to determine what is the ‘right and proper’ behaviour of elected representatives outside of their job; that is the job of us as voters.

  2. Tony Lee says:

    Adultery gives offence to creator.
    Ken, you’re not suggesting that your creator is offended are you? If she is, so what? The all-powerful should be immune to a bit of offence. In any case, don’t you think it’s a bit creepy thinking someone is monitoring your infidelity?
    There is nothing wrong with being a bit offended. It doesn’t cause much pain and might even start people questioning idiotic ideas. I’m thinking that only the christian god is offended, or is it just the catholic version in particular? What about all the other god varieties, are these offended too?

    Got to give you the secular point though; that people are hurt and damaged by betrayal and lies. Caring, empathetic, compassionate people don’t need a god, a bible or a commandment to understand this.

  3. Craig Young, Palmerston North says:

    I wasn’t aware that the Prime Minister had done so. In fact, Iain Lees-Galloway has resigned from Parliament and was sacked for his ministerial role for his extramarital affair, so I am unsure where Mr Orr gets the idea that she “tolerated” this inappropriate relationship.

    Law and morality are two different things. While something may be legal, many people may not consider it desirable or choose to participate in such activities. Many religious faiths may consider adultery immoral, but it’s not against the law. It has never been against the law in New Zealand, although in the past, it was grounds for divorce. It was a capital offence in the Puritan Commonwealth during the 1650s but I hardly think a devout Catholic like Mr Orr would want to return to that ghastly sectarian period of English history!

    My own parents were married for 62 years until my mother died in October last year. My own husband and I hope to emulate their long-lived faithful relationship (although Dad was the only one on his side of the family who stayed married).