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Billy TK coverage a relief


I just read Global ‘plandemic' by your Journalist Mark Peters (upper-case J as there are not many true Journalists about).

Congratulations to him on factual reporting. It so eased my head after reading the so-called efforts of other New Zealand papers, but it still bothers me that thinkers are very few and far between nowadays.

Well done Mark, I'm proud to live in the same country as you.

Peter Bankers, Auckland

  1. S. Williams says:

    Can GH explain why the comments on Mark Peters’ “Global ‘Plandemic'” has been closed? It has had more than 5500 shares from GH webpage alone and has been the most popular item on GH website for more than 3 weeks. I would think this amount of interest would have been unheard of and warrants it be open to further comments.

    Footnote from Ed: Yes, I was moderating it and it was going a bit crazy with the number of comments and need for a little moderation here and there.

  2. Lara says:

    I am deeply concerned at the number of usually measured and thoughtful Kiwis who are becoming increasingly enamoured with conspiracies and conspiratorial thinking. Actually, I am quite frightened!
    Why are people falling for conspiracy theories lately?
    I can’t endorse the link below but I do encourage people to remain calm and rational. Try not to exist in an echo chamber that reinforces your worst neuroses and fears.


    1. Peter Jones says:

      “We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making”
      – Jacinda Ardern, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XsUV7pwSRg

    2. Martin Hanson, Nelson says:

      Does Lara seriously believe that no ‘conspiracy theories’ are true? Does she not know, to give one of many examples, of the conspiracy by Republicans and the Iranian regime to delay the release of the American embassy hostages until after the 1980 election, thus helping the defeat of Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan?
      Perhaps she is too young to remember, in which case she should read “October Surprise” by Barbara Honnegger.
      Conspiracies by powerful people are a common feature of politics, aided and abetted by their corporate media stenographers. But of course, they couldn’t succeed without the apathy, naivete and gullibility of most ordinary people, who evidently prefer a comfortable illusion to a deeply disturbing reality.

      1. S.Williams says:

        Definition: “you are a conspiracy theorist” means “you don’t believe the propaganda”. Denis Rancourt

  3. Tony Lee says:

    Re: Billy TK coverage a relief.
    Peter bemoans the apparent dearth of thinkers. The subtext is likely that Peter is bothered that so few people have views that reinforce his own. There is probably a simple explanation for that.