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And the housing crisis?


While getting Government funding to redevelop our swimming pool complex is good, has anybody among the powers-that-be looked at this view of spending the money much more wisely?

I quote Vaughan Powdrell in his letter: “The $40 million for upgrading the Olympic Pool Complex should have been put into the railway line first.”

I would suggest a far more urgent need for Tairawhiti would be to take the $40m and see how many houses could be built here for those on housing waiting lists and the homeless.

A good, safe home can be built, a modest site included, for $500,000 — and smaller houses, which are in demand, for less than that.

It seems to me that this money would be better spent on 80-100 new houses that we badly need.


  1. Mary-Ann de Kort says:

    I guess your letter just highlights how badly public services and infrastructure has been run down for many years.
    We could also include stormwater and wastewater systems or our aged power supply infrastructure in our list of needs and examples. Who likes power cuts? I wonder if the private owners will fix that.
    Sadly any govt can only spare so much money at a time, so decisions need to be made about priorities. Personally I think it’s better to fund enough to fix a large project rather than the piecemeal way things have been done.
    We’ve already seen the cost of neglect and patches in most of the above with successive councils avoiding hard issues. Now they seem to have a reliance on central government to bail us out for local projects.
    Huge amounts have already been spent fixing our dilapidated roads but they won’t last long due to the heavy trucks.
    Perhaps fixing the rail could give us more time for those.
    Houses are being built but that’s a slow process and can be done house by house and as per the capacity to do so.
    Whatever is decided, I say do it once and do it right – and say thank you to our govt.


      Dear Mary-Ann,
      Yes, what you are saying is also sensible. I just find the beggars around town a sad thing for us to see – especially for our tourists. The old police station could be used to house them.
      Rail is essential too. Logging trucks will increase dramatically but the port wants to hog all the logs – clearly its profits come before our wellbeing.
      Keep up the good articles. Good thinkers are few and far between.