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A new Enlightenment


I have been watching Fb with interest as Billy Te Kahika takes his message around New Zealand and has been drawing large crowds in both the North and South Island. People from all walks of life, young and old, all apparently looking for an alternative to what we have at the moment.

There is a lot of unease and mistrust out there in the hinterlands. People are confused and some downright scared of what is happening in our Government. Laws are being passed that directly impact our way of life, our freedom to move around our country, freedom of speech, freedom to make our own medical choices. I know this seems “way out there” but I do believe it to be true. It's a crazy world out there and it grows worse not better.

So when I heard a morning host, Mike Hosking, talking with the Prime Minister and mentioning the smaller parties I took heed. I had watched the launch of the New Zealand Public Party in Auckland, once again with sell-out crowds, lots of enthusiasm, and people from all walks of life. When Hosking got around to the smaller parties and the NZPP he spoke disparagingly of Billy Te Kahika, like “who is he? Never heard of him”. Hosking dismissed him as irrelevant and was derisive of his message.

We should be careful not to dismiss an idea that is new in our world view. I guess it's pretty easy for people in the bigger cities to overlook what people in the regions are thinking and feeling. We are “good” people and it's not wise to mock or scoff at us.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that if Billy Te Kahika can resonate with so many people who are turning out to listen and join his party, the people are finding their voice and that should make politicians turn on their ears. As Peter Jones said, “Cometh the hour, Cometh the man”.

Anne Bauld

  1. Lara says:

    Hello Anne,
    Is there a lot of unease and mistrust in the hinterlands? Interesting comment, what evidence backs up your hunch?
    Personally I pay no attention to Mike Hosking because he seems to be looking for ways to be sensationalistic and oppositional. Whatever he says about a person probably should be taken with a grain of salt.
    I think most people in the hinterland are probably pretty well educated. Well educated people tend to pay attention to verifiable facts and they will not be easily swayed by people who speak nonsense with conviction.
    Most rational people understand that at times of crisis, say during a global pandemic, our elected officials may need to implement procedures to try to keep people safe.
    I would say the majority of us in the hinterland are NOT of the opinion that our freedom of speech is being curtailed.
    The upcoming referendums on end of life choice and the legalisation of cannabis will be good for our country. Let’s hear what people think.
    You are likely bang on the money when you note that Billy Te Kahika’s fans are probably not geniuses.

    1. Peta Dee, Otago says:

      While not prepared to describe myself as a genius, I am university-educated and I run my own business. I have been listening with increasing interest to Billy TK and believe he definitely is tapping into a growing disquiet many Kiwi are feeling right now. I know because I share their concerns. I’m in that group, neither left nor right, but very wary of the incremental loss of rights being shunted through Parliament with lightening speed and without any oversight or representation from the common man.
      It’s arrogant to disregard these people as uneducated fools. It is foolish to assume they will go away or have no impact this election.

      1. Julian Sturm, Far North says:

        It doesn’t take a genius to see that successive governments have been continually whittling away our rights, our freedoms and the NZ way of life that NZers want for the future. Morals in politics may well be a contradiction in terms, but does it have to be that way – until nothing is left?

      2. Dee Way, Tauranga says:

        A nicely balanced perspective Peta Dee.
        My husband and I started to investigate the financial system 3yrs ago – and we were shocked at the incredible corruption which is integral to the Central Banking system. (Check out wonderful exposès like Mike Maloney THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF MONEY or G Edward Griffin THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. There are many…)
        This info is data based – not a conspiracy theory. This led to a great investigative journey exposing a degree of exploitation of humanity one would not believe possible.
        Info previously concealed “in plain sight”, but which is now bubbling to the surface. Eg The hideous global pedophilia racket and that which surrounds it.
        Billy Te Kahika was triggered to do his own investigation, and what he uncovered concerned him so much that he used his platform to create “a movement”. The movement resonated with many who had also discovered “there is something rotten in the State of Denmark” and hitched themselves to his wagon. It is going to be an interesting election . . .

        1. Warren Parkinson, Tauranga says:

          Nicely put Dee. People are rapidly waking up to what has been going on in the world for a long time now. Billy TK’s movement is giving these people a voice.

  2. Sam, Wellington says:

    Hi Anne, you are right that a growing number of people resonate with Billy Te Kahika. In fact, a Colmar Brunton poll (July 2020) for preferred Prime Minister places Billy on par with Winston Peters. Is that a sign of massive dissatisfaction with the usual political tripe served up, or is it that people from all walks of life are concerned about the enormous issues exposed by the global plandemic and elected officials implementing procedures to keep people safe? Last night the NZ People’s Party, an immigrant party, joined with the NZ Public Party because they share the same personal critical concerns. You are so right Lara, ‘BTK’s fans are probably not geniuses’ . . . they are awakened critical thinkers.


  3. PJ Reed says:

    If you are taking your cues from Mike Hosking it may be time to
    re-examine your listening habits.

  4. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    It is a good start. Things happen in New Zealand before they happen anywhere else. A party for the public. Now that sounds really new! Like the Romans started in 510 B.C. with their res publica, after the rape of Lucerece and the expulsion of the Tarquins. Oh no, I can’t praise the Romans. They had slaves.